Josh Boutte What Were You Thinking?

by Justin Lasher

The above video shows the uncalled for and absolutely brutal hit on Wisconsin’s D’Cota Dixon by LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte.

To answer the title question, it is clear that Josh Boutte wasn’t thinking.  The play is obviously over, the Wisconsin defenders are not trying to block anyone, and everyone else wearing a LSU Tiger uniform was walking off the field.  I am sorry, but there is no room for that kind of play.  Football is a rough enough game by itself, but going after a defenseless and un-expecting player like that can cause serious and life threating injuries that can be prevented.

In his article on, Chip Patterson outlines that LSU head coach Les Miles has already taken action and suspended Boutte for one game.  This was a LSU sanctioned suspension and in a statement issued by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, he echoed Les Miles and LSU’s actions to suspend Boutte and stated that there would be no further penalties from the league office.  In my opinion, one game is not enough.  Did you see how vicious the above hit was?  If not, scroll back up and take another look.  A serious message needs to be sent by the SEC, NCAA, and LSU that this kind of play will not be tolerated.  I believe at least a four game suspension needs to be given to Boutte with a probationary period after the suspension that any further dirty play will lead to dismissal from the team.

I do not believe Les Miles when he was quoted by Patterson as saying, “Even though this was done by mistake, a play like this does not belong in the game of football and therefore action must be taken.”  Done by mistake?  I think Les Miles was mistaken himself by calling this a mistake.  Has he lost all common sense and control of things down in Baton Rouge?  This was done with intent and out of frustration of the results on the field.  Les, you don’t say it was a mistake and then say, “I grabbed [Boutte] right away.”  You knew right then and there it wasn’t right and there was no need for it or else you wouldn’t have addressed it immediately.  And spare me the excuses for the player and his actions by saying, “Again, I’ll have to check this, but it’s very logical that he did not even know (Dixon) had gone down and was just running.  He’s not a malicious guy.  I just can’t imagine that he saw him go down and then made it back.”  Les, if you don’t think your player knew the play was over, and that this was a malicious act, then I ask you, how did the other 11 LSU players on the field recognize the play was over?

Ultimately, I think this game, and this play will be the beginning of the end for Miles at LSU.  So Les, defend Boutte all you want, but know that your time at LSU is limited.



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