A Groin Stomp? Seriously?

by Justin Lasher

So, not one but two totally inappropriate actions after the play this weekend in College Football.  In the above video, USC’s Jabari Ruffin inexcusably stops on the groin of downed Alabama player, Minkah Fitzpatrick.

To make matters worse, USC only suspended Ruffin for one half of football.  I really can’t decide which is worse, the action, or the reaction by USC.  There is no place in sports, or in life, for that matter for a groin stop.  Ruffin was rightfully ejected from Saturday’s game, and the referee was visibly angry when calling the resulting penalty and ejection.

If I were a fellow USC Trojan teammate of Ruffin, I’d make sure to let him, the coach, the AD, and the school’s president my displeasure with not only his action, but also of the school’s punishment.

I am completely sick to my stomach (no pun intended) that these type of actions are taking place.  If I wanted to watch these types of things, I’d watch more WWE, and at least there it’s acting, not for real.

Please share your thoughts.



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