2016 Orange Football Predictions

You will find below my game by game prediction for this year.  I am excited, cautiously optimistic, and so much looking forward to how this year plays out.

Vs. Colgate    W

Vs. Louisville      L

Vs. USF     L

At UCONN     W

Vs. Notre Dame. L

At Wake Forest     W

Vs. Virginia Tech.  W

At BC.  W

At Clemson.   L 

Vs. NC State    W 

Vs. Florida State.  L 

At Pittsburgh      L 

So, overall I have the Orange going 6-6 in the first year of the Dino Babers Era.  I think if all things go right and they can squeeze out another win against either USF or Pitt,  the Orange can realistically go 7-5.  If things go south in a hurry, I think the floor for this team is 2-10.  I firmly believe this team will make strides and be closer to their ceiling than the basement. 

What are your thoughts?  Can this team make a bowl game in year 1?  


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