Different Week, Same Sanchez

-Written by Justin Lasher

It’s a different week, but we’re still seeing the same Gary Sanchez.  Last week we talked about if it was too early to declare Sanchez the next face of the Yankees, and possible all of baseball.

This week I am asking if Sanchez deserves the title that John Sterling is calling him, “The Sanchize?”  Sanchez  continues to produce at high level.  On Saturday he belted his eleventh home run in only twenty three games, becoming the quickest player in MLB history to reach eleven home runs.  I am still sticking to my it’s to early to judge argument on Sanchez.  I mean, come on New York, remember what happened last time the “Sanchize” tag was given to the one and only Mark Sanchez.  Yes, the same Mark Sanchez, who just this week was cut by the Denver Broncos.

Don’t get me wrong, I love “Gary the Kid.”  I love his attitude towards the game.  He seems well spoken in interviews.  He is deflecting all of the hype and attention, and instead is making it all about the team.  There’s nothing, not to like about him.

It’s been reported that Sanchez is already the leading jersey seller among all Yankee jersey’s.  He’s getting the loudest cheers in the Bronx.  I’m just not ready to put him in Monument Park.

There is no denying though, that Gary is the main reason why the Yankees have hope again.  Hope of somehow making the playoffs.  He has brought energy back into a clubhouse that seemed to have been deflated (more so than those Patriot footballs).  Many of the experts were saying after the trade deadline that the Yankees were done and just playing for the future.  Well thanks to the recent power surge from Sanchez, and a little help from the rest of the guys, the Yankees find themselves only 3.5 games out of the second wildcard spot.

Will Sanchez continue to produce at this level?  Will he single handily carry the 2016 version of the Yankees into the postseason?

As previously stated, my verdict is still out on Gary Sanchez, but until then, I like all other Yankee fans are saying, “in Sanchez we trust.”


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