An Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick

-Written by Matt Magill-

Oh Colin Kaepernick, you silly, silly multi-millionaire. You state that you will not stand for the national anthem in protest of the treatment of people of color and the growing racial divide in  this country.  You, who earns millions of dollars every time you play a game (or don’t play in your case, hope that fifteen minutes of fame treated you well), have very little to say in terms of personal oppression.  You want to protest the system, but I bet you still cash the paychecks from your white owner, don’t you?

The best part, Colin, you misguided soul, is that you don’t really know what you are protesting, do you?  Sure, the national anthem is the song of our country, of the United States, and while I understand you wanting to protest the country that you call your home, that has made you what you are, that millions of people are shoving themselves into any contraption that floats in order to reach, the flag is much more than a geographic symbol.  The American flag represents the people that live here, and more importantly, the people that fight and die for your freedom to not stand up.  Be it the military, local police or other emergency service people, that is what the flag represents, and despite your stance against people that you think have committed a crime and gotten away with it, they all deserve your respect.

It would be one thing, Colin, if you stated that you were sitting down during the national anthem but you were going to donate your game-check to a veteran’s organization, to preserve the notion that you can still support those that fight for your right to play a game while protesting the “system” that you disagree with.  By lumping your distaste for authority in with the brave men and women that fight for your right to express that distaste, you come off as a petulant child who is tone-deaf to what you are even protesting.  This reeks as more of a publicity stunt, a “my fifteen minutes of fame aren’t up yet guys, I promise” type of reaction than the start of a career in social justice.  I, for one, do not buy it, and I hope that any time you happen to actually get in the game, the defenders are allowed to pin their ears back.

What do you think?  Is Kaepernick out of line with his disrespectful behavior?  Have we bred a nation of protestors because no one is really held accountable for anything anymore?  Doe this discussion even belong on a sports blog?  Let us know.


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