Are You Watching?

Something spectactular is happening.  And it is happening to a young group of boys a short drive from here (Syracuse, NY).  A liitle league team from Maine-Endwell is tearing it up in the Little League World Series.  They won the Mid-Atlantic regional to get to Williamsport, PA and have quickly picked up two more victories to put themselves one win away from reaching the U.S. title game.

How many of you actually knew a local team was playing in the LLWS?  This, to me is big news.  I cant remember a team from within a two hour drive actually making it to Williamsport.  I remember one or two teams making it close, but never making it to the big stage, let alone winning their first two games in the tournament.

If you were in the camp that didn’t know this, you do now, will you be watching?  The M-E team will play again tomorrow night at 7:30pm.  The game will televised on ESPN, or if you are like me , you can watch it live on the Watch ESPN app on whatever electronic device suites you.

If M-E wins tomorrow, they will automatically advance and play in the U.S. championship game on Saturday.  If they lose, they still have a chance to make the championship game, they will just have to win their next game, which would be on Thursday night.

I encourage you to join in the support for this local group of boys and coaches as they try to fulfill a lifelong dream of winning the Little League World Series.  Go Maine-Endwelll!


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