It’s a Workout People!

You may have heard, Tim Tebow is back in the news.  

Tebow, whom struggled to show he was a NFL worthy quarterback,  now wants to be a professional baseball player.  Tebow has scheduled a workout for August 30, and according to reports 20 MLB teams are sending scouts to watch him.   

Do I think a team should take a chance and sign Tebow?  Absolutely not.  This is a guy who hasn’t played organized baseball since 2004.  Can he hit a fastball? Maybe, however can he really connect on a 95 mph slider or a MLB worthy curveball?  

I get it, he was an All-State high school baseball player,  but so we’re so many other kids who haven’t been able to strike it rich in professional baseball.  It’s time we get honest here, Tebow needs to stick with what he’s good at when it comes to sports, he’s actually not a bad SEC football analyst.  A good guy,  yes, however he’s no baseball player.

What do you think?


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