Head Over Heels

A Dive for First

– Justin Lasher

Last night during the 400 Meters, Shaunae Miller dove across the finish line to win a gold medal creating all sorts of headlines and discussion for today.  Like it or not, the dive won her the medal.  Like it or not, the dive, is legal within the rules.

As an athlete you train and practice for this moment.  You work so hard, you sweat, you bleed, you push through the pain to try to win and achieve any and all goals you may have.  As a child you dream of being in the spotlight and in the “big moment.”  You dream of coming through under pressure.  Fast forward to last night, how can you not be ok with what Miller did?  She left absolutely everything out on the track and did whatever she could to win.

She did something that yes, may be out of the ordinary, however not unprecedented.  She was not the first one ever to dive across the finish line.  She wasn’t even the first one to do it this year.  The rules state that the first runner who’s torso crosses the finish line first, wins.  Right or wrong, Miller won the race.

Shaunae Miller didn’t boast as she finished, a la Usain Bolt.  She didn’t rub her victory in anyone’s face.  She simply competed hard, ran her heart out, and made a decision she felt was needed to take home the gold.  You can’t fault her for that.


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