August 01

For Today’s “In Sports History,” we are feeling generous and giving you two.  Both have a personal story attached.

August 01, 1993 – Reggie Jackson was admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

When the New York Yankees called Fort Lauderdale home for their Spring Training complex, I would visit my grandparents each year and my grandfather and I would always find our way to the stadium to see if we could get any autographs.  Reggie Jackson, has to be, hands down, the rudest, most arrogant, athlete I’ve ever come into contact with.  Year after year, day after day, Reggie would hear his name called by all the fans, and he wouldn’t even acknowledge us with a look over or a wave.  I can understand not signing, but not even acknowledging the fans that helped pay your paycheck, then and now, is just a bad move.

August 01, 2005 – Rafael Palmeiro of the Baltimore Orioles is suspended for 10 days and becomes arguably the highest profile player (at the time) to be suspended for violating the Major League Baseball steroids policy.

Like above, after the Yankees moved to Tampa, in came the Baltimore Orioles, and I again found myself visiting my grandparents in Fort Lauderdale taking in at least one Spring Training game each year.  One year, I was watching a game with my grandparents, and Palmeiro was coming up to bat, and I leaned over to my grandfather and said, “watch this guy, he has some power, and I think he is going to hit one out.”  Sure enough Palmeiro came to the plate and crushed one over the right field fence, thus making my prediction come true.


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